“E” is for elephants, not extinction

As an elephant activist living in Shelburne, I invite everyone to join me in ending the ivory trade in this country in order to protect a critical species from extinction. Approximately 100 elephants are slaughtered each day for their tusks. That’s one elephant every 15 minutes! Conservation experts around the globe have stated, unequivocally, that if the tide of illegal poaching isn’t stemmed, elephants could be extinct in the wild in as little as 10 years. This mass poaching of elephants is also directly linked to criminal syndicates and terrorists. Please join me as we call for a total ivory trade ban in the United States by launching a national petition to President Obama on May 1.

Your signature is important as we stand together for the elephants. Together we can turn the tide on poaching and end the ivory trade once and for all – before it’s too late. Please join us by signing the petition at www.elephantsusa.org and then share with your friends. We only have 30 days to collect 100,000 signatures, including 2,000 from Vermont. It’s up to us to stand up and speak up for the elephants!

Please note that the ban is simply asking that people no longer profit from selling and trading ivory. Ivory may continue to be possessed and passed down via inheritance.

Ashley McAvey, Shelburne