Good luck with explanation

This is a response to Chris Kapsalis who wrote a letter to the editor in the April 17 issue of the Shelburne News expressing his displeasure that Representatives Joan Lenes and Kate Webb never explained their rationale when voting on residential property tax issues.

Apparently Chris does not know anything about the democratic mind: the Democrats’ mission in life is to have government solve all of our social problems – real and imagined – with an array of programs. They know how to solve problems and will spend whatever money is required. No need for personal responsibility – If you have kids you can’t support, the state will take care of that problem. If you don’t want to work, no problem; the state will send money and you will receive free health insurance. Democrats have the system set up so that staying home pays more than going to work. Even if you abuse drugs that no one forced you to try, the state will rush to the rescue. So Chris, continue to get up and go to work and pay your exorbitant tax bill. If you don’t, a tax lien will be filed on your income or property.

Bruce Elmore, Shelburne