SCS Facilities Committee update

The Board's CornerYou may remember in November 2013 we reported that in spring 2013 our Shelburne Community School (SCS) School Board formed a Facilities Committee that was charged with creating a recommendation to the SCS Board for proposed capital expenditures.

The Committee
The Facilities Committee is comprised of:

  • Two SCS Board members, Kathy Stockman and Tim Williams
  • One community member, Chris Kapsalis
  • SCS Co-Principals, Pati Beaumont and Allan Miller
  • SCS Facility Director, David Kelly
  • CSSU Chief Operations Officer, Bob Mason
  • Dore & Whittier Architects, Lee Dore, Roberto Fitzgerald, and Tonya Forcier

Why now?
Faced with a growing number of maintenance and infrastructure improvements needed at SCS – along with concerns over traffic and pedestrian safety, building access and security, as well as significant acoustical issues between classrooms – the School Board determined that a comprehensive study of the site, building, and educational needs should be conducted.

The process
After an extensive interview process, the School Board hired Dore & Whittier Architects of South Burlington to complete this study.
The Study will include the following tasks:
1. Site and building assessment report with recommendations including:
a. Traffic and pedestrian circulation as well as site drainage
b. HVAC, electrical, plumbing systems
c. Security and access control
d. Handicap accessibility
e. Life safety and building code compliance
f. Condition of exterior and interior walls, windows, doors, roofing, flooring, etc.
2.  Assessment of the educational space use, function, and layout
3.  Development of a range of options with cost estimates based on the findings of the study
4.  A written report that includes all of the information noted above
5.  Presentation of findings to the School Board and public

The School Board will seek public review and involvement throughout the course of the study. In an effort to accomplish this task, there are a series of public informational sessions planned. Outlined below is a preliminary outline of the proposed schedule for the study.

  • March 2014: Form Building Committee. Hire architect and review project scope and schedule
  • April 2014: Perform Site & Building Assessment. Begin assessment of educational space use
  • May 2014: Report out to the School Board and community: Results of site and building assessment. Finalize educational assessment. Begin option development.
  • June 2014: Report out to the School Board and community: Results of educational assessment. Finalize option development. Begin cost estimates
  • July 2014: Report out to the School Board and community: Series of options with points to consider. Finalize cost estimates
  • August 2014: Report out to School Board and community: Cost estimates for each option. Building Committee recommends preferred option to School Board.
  • September-October 2014: Hold public informational Meetings
  • November 2014: Possible Bond Vote

What’s next?
We have scheduled another community forum, Forum II. Our first input/information session was held in November 2013. The purpose of Forum II will be to provide Dore and Whittier the opportunity to share the findings of their building space assessment with the public. This meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 13 at 7pm in the SCS cafeteria. All community members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Please feel free to contact any Board member if you have questions or comments.
Dave Connery, chair, 985-2675,
Russ Caffry, vice chair, 985-5525,
Robert Finn, 985-1427,
Kathy Stockman, 999-4394,
Tim Williams, 383-1740,