Film “I am in here” merits Shelburne performance

May-2-A-I-am-in-Here-SCJoin the community for a screening of Mark Utter’s life-changing film “I am in here” followed by a talkback with the star on Wednesday, May 14 at 7pm at Shelburne Town Hall in collaboration with the Pierson Library.

This day-in-the-life film reveals Utter’s unique observations of our world that have been trapped in his head for a long time. He types to communicate and has an important message to share about celebrating different ways of being human.

“I am in here,” written by Utter and co-directed by Emily Anderson and Jim Heltz, was filmed in Burlington and features a talented cast of local actors. The film was partially inspired by Geraldine Wurzburg’s documentary, “Wretches and Jabberers,” in which two of Utter’s peers travel the world meeting people who also type to communicate. His insight and sense of humor in the face of many challenges sends a powerful message about how people are perceived by others and sometimes judged unfairly.

“I want to tell you that the creation of ‘I am in here’ is due to the advocating I did for myself to get Emily on board for a project that had no plan,” Utter comments. “On we went in the darkness and slowly but surely we have found ourselves in this exciting project with so many good people who bring expertise and good energy.”

Following its premiere in Burlington last March, “I am in here” has become a catalyst for conversation. Utter has presented the film in over 25 locations and each time audiences are invited to learn, laugh, and look inside. The screening and talk-back session immediately following is free and open to the public.

For more information about this screening of “I am in here” contact Pierson Library Director Lara Keenan at 985-5214 or to schedule a screening, contact Anderson at 238-4540 or