Green Mountain Care on slow track

I appreciate Rep. Kate Webb’s communication in the Shelburne News as to where she stands on the Governor’s failure to provide a Green Mountain Healthcare financing plan on Jan. 15, 2013 as required by Act 48. She explains that a slip of an assumed federal government waiver was the reason for not meeting the date.

However, it was well known in the legislature that the Federal waiver would probably slip and the Jan. 15, 2013 date was set with that in mind.

Before Green Mountain Care is allowed to launch, state law requires Vermont to define the benefits in the program, provide a three-year budget that costs less than current health care expenditures, and to acquire the federal waiver.  As of now, the Governor has yet to show the plan to address the $2 billion in extra spending necessary to fund the single-payer system.

There is rising bipartisan concern about the Governor’s failure to provide the healthcare financing plan. A number of amendments have been put forth to remedy this, but our representatives, Joan Lenes and Kate Webb, continue not to support these.

Anne Bula, Shelburne