News from the Pierson Library: May 8, 2014

Pierson Library LogoToday! The Fairy Club returns! Fairies and gnomes are hard at working helping spring flowers bloom. We invite kids ages 4 and up to stop by at 3:15pm to learn more about the fairy world and all its sprightly creatures. Take part in a different craft each Thursday afternoon in May.  Snacks are provided. Please register in advance.

Friday Crafternoon: This Friday at 3:15pm we will be making paper flowers just in time for a great Mother’s Day gift! Kids 5 and older are cordially invited to participate. Next week we will be making individual pop-up books. Illustrate your own 3-D book with your own drawings.

Getting Older Better: Mark your calendar to come hear Pam Blair, a Shelburne author, speak about her latest book “Getting Older Better: The Best Advice Ever on Money, Health Travel, Creativity, Work, Retirement, Legacy, and More for Women in their Third Act.” She seems to cover it all! Take advantage of her best advice by joining us at 7pm at the library on Tuesday, May 13.

Playing with Photo-Sharing Programs: Join us for our next program in Tech Trends for Adults on Wednesday, May 14 at 3pm if you’d like to learn how to easily electronically share your most precious photos with your friends & family.

Be inspired and educated by Mark Utter: Join us on Wednesday, May 14 at 7pm for a screening of the 30-minute film “I am in here,” written by Mark Utter and co-directed by Emily Anderson and Jim Heltz. Mark, who lives in Burlington, has autism that prevents him from speaking his thoughts. However, he learned an alternative communication method called “supported typing.” With the help of a facilitator to provide support by touching his arm or shoulder, he can focus and control his arms to express his thoughts in the written word. He has an important message to share about celebrating our different ways of being human. Mark uses humor to highlight the contrast between people’s perceptions of him and the intelligent man trapped inside. He will be here in person to answer your questions.

Dr. Jack Mayer, author of “ Life in a Jar: The Irene Sendler Project”: Monday, May 19 at 7pm in the Town Hall. Many local book clubs have read this moving account of the life of Irene Sendler, a Catholic social worker in Poland who risked her life to save 2,500 Jewish children in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II, and the Kansas high school students who brought her story to life for a history project. Free and open to the public. Co-sponsored with the Charlotte Library.

Find Your Inner Artist! Do you wish you could capture the beauty around you in a painting or drawing? Learn how to tap into your talent by selecting one of the books on our special display table. For those who are more appreciators of art than artists, we have books and DVDs that you can enjoy as well.