Route 7 development discussion May 12

Shelburne citizens interested in Form Based Zoning, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Monday, May 12 discussion at 7pm in Meeting Room 1 of the Town Offices.
The meeting will focus on the Draft Regulating Plan. The project team will engage Steering Committee members in a discussion of key elements, such as:

  • The planning goals for each sub district,
  • Frontage zones,
  • Ground floor limitations (i.e. active commercial uses in specific areas),
  • Build-to-zones and occupancy, and
  • General placement standards and street design.

As time allows, the team may also discuss the ideas for a Transfer of Development Rights program, open space acquisition and funding program, and stormwater/Low Impact Development standards. Steering Committee members will have approximately one month to think about the Regulating Plan and provide follow-up input. The draft Form Based Zoning is on track to be available the week of June 12, or sometime that week, along with a revised Regulating Plan.

The schedule has changed slightly from the most recent version. Key dates remaining in the project include:

June 12, 7pm Steering Committee Meeting #6 – FBC Draft
June 30, Daytime Working Group Meeting #3 – FBC Draft
July10, 7pm Public Work Session #2 – Draft Form Based Code
July 14, 7pm Steering Committee Meeting #6 – Review and Finalize FBC
July 28, Daytime Working Group Meeting #4 – Draft Final FBC and Report
Aug. 13, 7pm Selectboard/Planning Commission/Development Review Board Presentation