Covering the Field: Introducing Kyle Stanley

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By Sheri Duff

In the words of Champlain Valley Union (CVU) head baseball coach Tim Albertson, “Kyle Stanley is a class act.” Albertson complimented, “He’s a heck of a leader, a hard worker, and a team player. Kyle’s having a good year. He always puts his best foot forward in everything he does—even when things aren’t going great—he keeps moving the team forward. Kyle is fantastic. ”

Born in Massachusetts, Stanley and his family moved to Shelburne when he was two years old.  His family includes parents, Mary and Andrew; younger brother Scott, an eighth grader at the Shelburne Community School; and a beagle-jack russell terrier puppy named Goose.

“I think I held a baseball at age three or four,” Stanley recounted, “and have played organized baseball for as long as I can remember.  My dad was really more into football but I’ve been on five All-Star teams. I use Bases Loaded, I play for the Legion in the summer, I play baseball year-round.”

His passion is showing. A talented pitcher, second baseman, and two-year varsity player, Stanley is also a senior captain. “I hand out baseball knowledge,” he said of his strength. “I also help keep the guys in line.” Coach Albertson concurs, “Kyle has built a great team atmosphere for the guys. He keeps the game in perspective: he’s stern but he’s also having fun.”

Stanley and the Redhawks are off to a strong start this season; the team stands at 7-2, it’s unlikely that Stanley’s game day ritual of wearing stirrups when he pitches has anything to do with it. “I guess it would be considered a ritual. It doesn’t seem to help my curve ball which varies day to day,” said the right-handed pitcher with a laugh.

Baseball has also provided his greatest achievement. “Winning multiple state baseball championships is a highlight,” he commented. “It was pretty cool winning two in a row.”

In addition to baseball Stanley is an actively involved in the Athletic Leadership Council, the Neuro Science Club, was a delegate to CVU’s model congress, and is gainfully employed at Adams Farm Market in Williston.

What’s next for this CVU senior?  Stanley has two objectives at Bowdoin College next year. The first is academic. He will pursue his interest in math or science. And the second is to continue playing baseball at the next level which according to coach Albertson is a given. “I’d be shocked if he didn’t pitch,” he shares. This reporter is confident as well. With his combination of talents along with his preparation, devotion, and passion for the game, Stanley has a lot to look forward to.