Middle school Wind Ensemble travels to Montreal

Photo by Co-Principal Allan Miller
Photo by Co-Principal Allan Miller

By Scott Stanley, SCS eighth grader

On April 10, the Shelburne Community School (SCS) Wind Ensemble went on tour to Montreal. The band played at the Alexander von Humboldt School, École Joseph-François-Perrault, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. The trip was very exciting with all of the venues and culture of Montreal. It was exciting for the band to go on tour in a different country. The ability to internationally represent our school was a fun experience.

The Notre Dame Cathedral was breathtaking when we first stepped into the building. The intricate statues and molding were very exciting to see. When the band played in the cathedral, the notes echoed through the building, which gave the music an interesting effect. It was amazing to play in such an iconic building.

In our spare time, the band wandered the streets Montreal. Groups walked into stores and experienced the everyday society of Canada. Groups found it fun to explore gift shops and many other stores. We had a taste of the Canadian cuisine and other cultural things. We saw historic sites such as the Bio Dome and the Olympic Stadium. “It’s amazing how much culture is only ninety miles away,” said Tim Buckingham, SCS band director.

“The trip exceeded my expectations,” Buckingham continued. “The students were incredibly gracious and respectful, which made the trip easier.”

The SCS band would like to thank all of the teachers and chaperones who helped out with the trip. The band would also like to thank all of the people who made donations or contributed to the fundraising events that occurred before the trip that made the whole thing possible.