Tsk, tsk, Toxic Substances Control Act

In light of recent Vermont Senate activity, I’d like to thank Senator Ginny Lyons and Representative Kate Webb for leading the passage of the Toxic Free Families Act (S.239), and here’s why:

It’s hard to imagine in a state such as Vermont, prided with its natural beauty that anyone might be at risk for exposure to any chemical hazard. Though in the United States, even here in Vermont, this is not the case due to our federal regulation system, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which is so weak the EPA couldn’t even regulate asbestos.

Many chemicals found in consumer products are poisoning our children and us. Congress’ failure to act, incentivized by industry, is putting the health of Vermont children at risk.

That is why I’d like the thank these legislative champs for leading the Toxic Free Families Act (S. 239) to passage this legislative session. A bill that will ensure the safety of Vermont’s children for years to come, S.239 will list the dangerous toxicants found in children’s products, requiring manufacturers to report to the Vermont Department of Health the presence of any of the 67 chemicals listed in the bill. Hopefully, this will discourage manufacturers from including them in their products by mandating a reporting fee of $200 for each chemical present in the product.

This is the first step towards a safer, cleaner Vermont where children are protected from dangerous and unnecessary toxic chemicals and I thank Senator Lyons and Representative Webb for making this happen.

Edward Whitehead, parkour director at Green Mountain Gymnastics and Free Style Center