Arabesque to participate in Italian trade project

May-4-B-Arabesque-Italian-SThe Shelburne boutique, Arabesque, was chosen from more than 250 stores to be part of a select group of U.S. retailers who will travel to Tuscany in June as part of a partnership program with Italian artisans.

A partnership between the Tuscan Regional Promotional Agency (Toscana Promozione) and Artex, the Center for Artistic and Traditional Handicrafts of Tuscany, The Tuscan Home Project has sponsored these trips for the past three years.

During the trip, retailers will have the opportunity to meet with shop owners and see the workshops of more than 50 artisan companies in Tuscany. The program’s objective is to facilitate the introduction of the retailers to the Tuscan companies and their products, and to expand their product lines into American shops.

Greg Evans, Artex consultant and the U.S. liaison to the Tuscan Home Project, says, “We also work to have a representation of stores that is geographically diverse,” adding that Arabesque would be representing the entire New England area in the upcoming trip. Tracy Stolese, owner of Arabesque, will travel to Tuscany for a week in May with a group of six other retail store owners from across the U.S.

“It’s an incredible opportunity, and we are honored to have been selected to participate,” Stolese says. “It means that we will have access to very special lines of merchandise that are entirely handmade in Italy. Our customers have a huge appreciation for European products, and we are just delighted to have the chance to meet the artists in person and hand-select designs of this quality for our clientele.” She hopes the first shipments of the new lines from Italy will start arriving in Arabesque later this summer.

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