SCS “LEAD”s in anti-drug campaign

May-4-E-LEAD-THIS-ONEDo you know what LEAD stands for? Leadership Education Anti-Drug is a student leadership group at Shelburne Community School (SCS) that facilitates several prevention activities on drug and alcohol awareness.

On April 28, a few LEAD students collaborated with Chittenden County START Team on a “Sticker Shock Campaign” to prevent underage drinking. Students walked to the Shelburne Market accompanied by a police officer from the START program, Connecting Youth’s SAP Counselor Amy Buckley, and Connecting Youth’s Outreach Coordinator Leslie Johnson. Students placed warning labels on alcoholic beverages to educate people 21 and over about the legal and financial consequences of providing alcohol to minors.

Students facilitated a cafeteria project during lunchtime on May 20, educating students about the risks of tobacco use. LEAD students are asking their peers to sign a thank-you poster, “Shelburne Students Stand with CVS,” acknowledging CVS Pharmacy’s recent decision to not sell tobacco products by October.