CVU family thanks communities for efforts

We wanted to send out a huge “thank you” to everyone involved with the Champlain Valley Union “Strike Out Cancer” game on May 2 and the associated fundraising through the entire month of May. This has been a great event for the past couple of years, but we were touched and overwhelmed by the gesture of donating this year’s proceeds to our family.

When June was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer back in August, we weren’t prepared for the emotional and financial toll. But our friends, neighbors, and family have all been so helpful, and the CVU baseball family has really gone over the top. Thanks to all the baseball families for doing such a great job of organizing — the Carpenters, Smiths, Bergkvists, Potters, Albertsons, Provost-Goulets, Irelands, Wendy Sorrell, and on and on. (If you go to an upcoming game, look at the names on the roster. All those players and their families helped out big time.)

Thanks to the coaches—especially Tim Albertson, Craig Russell, and Sam Fontaine—for supporting our older son Dan through all this and giving him a splendid diversion on the field nine months out of the year. Thanks to all of Dan’s pals on the team and their parents for making sure Dan has had a way to and from the field when we were at doctor’s appointments or treatment. Thanks to all of the sponsors for your generosity, and especially to Ken Martin for donating a portion of his food truck’s proceeds from the CVU home games.

Thanks, finally, to all the fans who came out and gave so immensely.  We’re honored and comforted to be associated with all of you. Thank you.

June, Rob, Dan, and Tom Poodiack, Williston