Still no word: what will single payer cost?

We appreciate the “Report from Montpelier” that our state representatives, Joan Lenes and Kate Webb, provided in last week’s Shelburne News.  We wish there were more information provided, such as an indication of the new health care system cost.

As was stated in their report, “many have expressed frustration with the Governor because of a desire for more details on how he will propose to replace our current health care financing system.”  That’s putting it mildly. It also ignores the frustration we have with the Legislature.

Incredibly, our Legislature passed the single payer health care bill two years ago, without telling the taxpayers what it would cost or how it would be paid for. They promised that the Governor would answer these questions no later than January, 2013. That deadline was pushed to 2014 and then ignored again, with the complicity of the Legislature. The Governor continues to thwart the public’s right to this information.  He should not get cover from our legislators.

Who is looking out for us?  We have a right to know.

Terry and Jane McKnight, Shelburne