The end of eighth grade

Graham Byers
Graham Byers

By Graham Byers, SCS eighth grader

As the flowers start to bloom and the weather starts to change, the students of the eighth grade class at Shelburne Community School (SCS) are starting to get ready to finish their final year as a student of SCS. For some it is sad to see their school go and to go to a new school, but for others it’s almost a celebration of change. Scott Stanley (who is on the Holden House team) will be leaving the school after attending for almost nine years. Scott says that his experience has been fulfilling, and he is looking forward to next year when he can explore classes that are more focused about a wide variety of topics when he is a student at CVU. Sam Crites (Symphony team) is excited to leave. He says that his experience at SCS has been thorough, and he is looking forward to the opportunity to immerse himself in the many choices in classes and extracurricular activities at the high school.

Anna Rowland (Alpha Team) is excited to leave after being at the community school for five years. Anna says that it has been a great school for her, and she has been very happy with her experiences with her teachers and fellow peers. She says that going into SCS every day and knowing 75 percent of the people there has been a total highlight of her experience. Anna, like Sam and Scott, is also going to CVU next year and is excited to go to a completely different school.

Ben Stevens (Symphony team) has been at the school for almost nine years and is excited for more freedom and diversity next year. Ben says that his experience has been exciting and adventurous, and he has also enjoyed being able to do fun things at SCS. Jake Sweeney (Holden House team) has attended for almost nine years and says that he has had a memorable experience and is ready to move on to high school. Jake, like the many other students, is mostly excited about the other opportunities that he can pursue at CVU.

For many eighth graders, June 12, 2014, marks the end of almost a decade of learning at SCS. Whether an eighth grader has been at the school for nine years or five, they still hope to be proud of their experiences as a student and as a graduate of the community school when they get their diplomas.