Community School band program offers opportunities

Sam Crites
Sam Crites

By Sam Crites, SCS eighth grader

Have you ever looked back at your childhood and thought, “Man, I wish I had learned how to play an instrument as a kid”? Well, the band program at Shelburne Community School (SCS) is giving that opportunity to kids in fifth through eighth grade. Whether students want the play the clarinet, the trombone, the tenor saxophone, or another fantastic instrument, they have a great opportunity to learn with the SCS band program.

The SCS band program is led by Tim Buckingham, a percussionist with experience with many other instruments as well. With four different bands, each with different skill levels, he can transfer his incredible knowledge onto the fortunate students. He directs the Concert Band, the fifth graders who are just starting out their instrument. He also has the Symphonic Band, which the fifth graders automatically go to when they graduate into sixth grade. The Symphonic Band experience will allow them to try other, more difficult pieces. And the third band that the program has to offer is the Wind Ensemble, which is the highest level band. This band plays even more difficult pieces, and recently went on an international tour up to Montreal, where they performed in three different places around the area.

The final band that the SCS Band program has to offer is the Stage Band, which is really different from the others. This band plays mostly jazz, blues, and other fun pieces like that. It contains mostly Wind Ensemble members, with a few Symphonic Band members as well. They have performed in the SCS gym with the Wind Ensemble and Concert Band, briefly in the Alexander Von Humboldt School on the Montréal band trip, and at the Cabaret Night at SCS. They are soon to perform at the CSSU Jazz Festival and the Burlington Jazz Festival.

With all of the opportunities that Mr. Buckingham and the SCS band provide, you have the opportunity to learn an instrument that you have wanted to learn all your life and the opportunity to try something new. It is a lot of fun doing the program, and it will continue to be so for all of the youth that is to come.