Grateful for Memorial Day 2014 support

Again, our annual Memorial Day Ceremony, on May 26, 2014, on the Parade in Shelburne was a tremendous success. Only through the outstanding support provided by all those involved in the planning process from the beginning several months prior to and to the final conduct of the ceremony can this success be accomplished. In addition, I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for such dedication by those involved year after year. As always, I am not going to attempt to thank by name all those individuals or groups who participated in this endeavor for fear of forgetting someone or some group of individuals. That would be a big mistake on my part. Instead, just let me say again, thank you to all those whose efforts, time, and dedication made this Memorial Day Ceremony such a great success. And, I thank all those who braved what looked like a rainy day to be in attendance. Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Arthur Kunin, a veteran of the European Theater in World War II, for providing a portion of his experience in the war.

Carroll A. “Bud” Ockert, COL, Ret, USA