Introducing Skyler Golann

Skyler Golann is a tough competitor. Sidelined with a chronic back injury on and off during the season, Champlain Valley Union (CVU) head boys tennis coach Frank Babbott is the first to comment on his senior captain. “Skyler is a good athlete, a tough competitor, and a great kid. Even when he has been out with an injury, he was at practice every day. That says a lot about his character and his dedication to the team.”

Born on Oct. 30, 1996 in Hinesburg, Golann and his family relocated to Bangor, Maine when he was six years old and returned to Hinesburg three years later. His family includes parents Debbie and Bret, older brother Colden, a 21-year-old who attends St. Lawrence University, and a dog named Jasper.

Golann recalls picking up a racquet while at the Hinesburg Community School. “After I saw the finals of the French Open for the first time, I wanted to play tennis. It didn’t hurt that one of my best friends played so I picked up a racquet at around 11 years old and the rest is history,” he recounted.

A two-year varsity tennis player and senior captain, Golann leads by example. “One of my strengths is that I connect with the younger kids. I set a good example on and off the court. I can joke around with the best of them until it’s time to go to work. I take tennis seriously.” Coach Babbott agrees. “Skyler helps the younger players with their matches and provides advice when they need it. He leads by example with effort and determination.”

In fact, it is his effort that was cause for his greatest achievement. “Two weeks ago we played BFA St. Albans in a quarterfinal tennis match. They were seeded higher but because the seeding combines D-1 and D-II into the same bracket without combining schedules, CVU was the big favorite. I was the last player on, and after most of my teammates were finished the team score was 3-all,” Golann explained. “If I lost our team was done and my high school career was over, but if I won we would get to play South Burlington in the semis. I won a very tight match 7-6, 7-5 with everyone from both teams watching. It was amazing to win and save the team while everyone looked on. It is very rare to have all the spectators and team members focused on a specific court, so the pressure was extremely high and so was the thrill of winning the match for my team.”

In addition to tennis, Golann is a four-year varsity alpine skier that is involved in student council and Amnesty International. “I am interested in current events, activism, and social justice,” Golann noted. “This summer I have an internship at Burlington City Hall where I will be working on sustainability projects.”

It is an interest he plans to pursue at Brandeis University where he was accepted early decision. “I really like the location and size of the school. Brandeis is a medium-size college outside of Boston where I can study political science. Plus I was impressed with the students I met. They were very friendly and welcoming and the less cliquish than anywhere else I visited. Those were the qualities I was looking for.” In the end, it appears that Golann and Brandeis are a good match.