Town of Shelburne selected to receive tree inventory

The Shelburne Tree Advisory Committee is working with the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program to conduct an inventory of the public trees along Shelburne streets and town parks. The Program is a collaborative effort between UVM Extension and the VT Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation and has been awarded a grant from the USDA Forest Service to assist 20 communities statewide in conducting tree inventories, developing urban forest management plans, and training town employees and volunteers in best practices for tree care over the next two years. Shelburne has been selected as one of these communities.

On June 18 and 19 a group of students from the Land Stewardship Program (LANDS), an internship program organized through UVM, will be collecting data on the location, species, size, and condition of the trees along Shelburne’s Village and residential roads, and in a number of the town’s parks. The LANDS interns are gaining experience in managing and stewarding natural resources throughout Vermont and will specifically receive training in tree species identification and inventory data collection methodology to prepare for the Shelburne tree inventory. They will be covering most of the roads in Shelburne over two days: they’ve got a lot of work to do, but would be happy to speak with you about the project and would appreciate a wave and a smile of appreciation.

The public tree inventory will help the town understand, steward, and manage its tree population more effectively and efficiently. Public street trees are a significant part of a community and its green infrastructure. Understanding, maintaining and preserving public trees provides many benefits, from enhancing air and water quality and increasing property values to improving the appearance of neighborhoods and strengthening communities.

Residents with questions about the Shelburne public tree inventory, should contact Elise Schadler with the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program at or (802) 881-1256. For more information about the Shelburne Tree Advisory Committee, contact Gail Henderson-King at