SCS Class of 2014 looks toward the future

DSC_0731 MC 2The Shelburne Community School (SCS) eighth graders set a course for their future at a graduation ceremony held Thursday, June 13, 2014. To begin the evening, Co-Principal Allan Miller welcomed the audience, after which the 85 soon-to-be graduates entered the gym as the SCS Wind Ensemble performed the processional. Eighth grader Zachary Loiter led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced Masters of Ceremonies Benjamin Stevens and Sarah Clauss who addressed their fellow classmates. School Board Chair David Connery spoke to the Class of 2014 followed by the schools’ seventh and eighth grade concert chorus performance of “On Top of the World” and later “On My Way.” CVU seniors and SCS alumni Ellie Masson and Kyle Stanley were guest speakers and imparted the wisdom of their years to the graduating class. Before all the young Shelburne residents proudly received their diplomas, student council members Sarah Clauss, Thomas Daley, Zachary Loiter, Richard McClintock, Benjamin Stevens, Roarke Flad, and Graham Byers delighted the audience with traditional reflections.

Before the recessional Co-Principal Miller turned away from the assembled guests and placed a long strip of black and white duct tape along the floor in front of the graduation class with a flourish. He reminded the eighth graders, as he has in years past, that once they step over the duct tape finish line that they are setting a course for their future.

After the recessional, students and their families and guests were invited to a reception before the graduates left on the traditional boat cruise, allowing the class to continue celebrating together after the reception.

Shelburne Community School graduates
Aisha Abdi
Jacob M. Abel-Palmer
Deven Achilles
Muhiadin Ali
Aida Arms
Brooks M. Bahrenburg
Grace Benoit
Cooper J. Birdsall
Jack Bulduc
Nathanial J. Brangan
Graham Byers
Henry W. Caswell
Evan Chen
Sarah K. Clauss
Tess L. Cloutier
Samuel K. Crites
Thomas A. Daley
Renee C. Dauerman
Isabella M. Davitt
Brandon J. Donahue
Olivia S. DuBrul
Garrett R. Dunn
H. Roarke Flad
Ian T. Ford
Alex Friedrichsen
Joshua C. Gamble
Karyssa Garafano-Lapan
Sophia Garivaltis
Jesse C. Garra
Richard R. Hall
Lauren C. Hanley
Allie M. Hardy
Weller T. Henderson
Katherine Hesslink
Emma T. Hoechner
Sadie A. Hoechner
Sophie D. Ireland
Jennifer N. Ireland
Holly A. Issenberg
Paul H. Keen
Annalise G. Kinstedt
Benjamin R. King
Emily Kingston
Cheyenne Lashway
Ivan Llona
Zachary Loiter
Fiona Love
Alexander S. Lynn
Kevin Magnier
Lydia G. Maitland
Max M May
Richard S. McClintock
Dylan C. Mercier
Nathaniel R. Mick
Sawyer Miller-Bottoms
Jacob O. Mintz-Roberts
Elijah Mintz-Roberts
Sara Music
Samuel T. Noel
Fiona A. Noonan
Nicole Noonan
Ethan Oglesby
Marley S. Olson
Grace I. Palmer
Judy J. Portugal-Dunne
Matthew P. Potter
Rebecca A. Provost
Emma M. Ramierez-Richer
Hannahy Rodgers
Emma Rosenau
Anna Rowland
Jack P. Scotnicki
Alejandro Segura
Andrew Slauterbeck
Grace Slauterbeck
Olivia M. Smith
Scott A. Stanley
Benjamin G. Stevens
Jacob M. Sweeney
Peter Trombley
Jonathan J. Twombly
Collin J. Vincent
Theodore E. Wager
Jonathan H. Walsh
Denver Wiederin
The following awards were presented on Wednesday, June 11:
Perfect Attendance Award: Owen Reeves
The Peter Limoge Award: Emma Hoechner, Sam Crites, Roarke Flad, and Grace Palmer
The Jeanne Millbank Memorial Award: Holly Issenberg, Marly Olson, Graham Byers, and Denver Wiederin
The Ruth Miller Award: Jonathan Walsh, Alex Lynn, Fiona Love, and Kevin Magnier
The John Austin Award: Sarah Clauss, Emma Ramierez-Richer, Jack Scotnicki, and Alex Friedrichsen
The Richard Garnett Award: Renee Dauerman, Richard McClintock, Scott Stanley, and Sam Noel
National Geographic Geography Bee School Award: Joshua Gamble
Scripps Spelling Bee Award: Thomas Daley
World Language Award:
French: Sadie Hoechner, Tess Cloutier, Devon Achilles, and Aida Arms
Spanish: Anna Rowland, Garrett Dunn, Jacob Sweeney, and Grace Palmer
Band Director’s Award: Benjamin King
Heart of the Choir Award: Sarah Clauss and Weller Henderson
The Julian Music Award: Joshua Gamble and Thomas Daley
The Lepecier Award: Emma Rosenau and Annalise Kindstedt
The Golden Paintbrush Award: Hannah Rodgers, Isabelle Davitt, Renee Dauerman, and Jacob Sweeney
The Gus Mercaldo Theatre Arts Award: Nathanial Mick, Weller Henderson, and Jesse Garra
The David Orr Award: Jacob Abel-Palmer, Richard McClintock, Ethan Oglesby, and Jacob Mitz-Roberts
The SCS Science Award: Lydia Maitland, Jennifer Ireland, Scott Stanley, and Emma Rosenau
The Teacher’s Award: Lauren Hanley, Mathew Potter, Teddy Wager, and Aisha Abdi
Avid Reader Award: Grace Slauterbeck, Tess Cloutier, Peter Trombley, and Emily Kingston
The Peter Yankowski Award: Scott Stanley and Sarah Clauss
Athletic Coach Award: Benjamin Stevens and Lydia Maitland
The Joan Lenes Community Service Award: Anna Rowland, Benjamin Stevens, Nathaniel Brangan, and Brooks Bahrenburg
Alyssia Pinard Award: Anna Rowland and Andrew Slauterbeck
The Connecting Youth Award: Sarah Clauss
The VAMLE Award: Zachary Loiter and Richard McClintock
PTO Students of the Year: Jacob Sweeney and Thomas Daley