Historic photography exhibit moves to Town Hall offices

Candy Bessette at the 250th Anniversary “Cruise Into History” exhibit.
Candy Bessette at the 250th Anniversary “Cruise Into History” exhibit.

During the Town’s 250th Anniversary Celebration Aug. 16-18, 2013, the photography exhibit, above, was on display on the CTC ferryboat “Cruise Into History” on Friday night, and lined the walls of the Covered Bridge at the Shelburne Museum over the weekend. Ann Hogan and Sara Blum organized the display for the Cruise, with artistic help from Marilene Luxton-Jones.

Art Kohn loaned photos from his book “Lake Champlain’s Sailing Canal Boats”, as did Jerry Aske Jr.’s from “From Steamboats to Subchasers.”  In addition, artist Ernie Haas donated a selection of his fine marine prints. The steamship graveyard chart was contributed by Mark and Kathy Brooks.

Images on display cover the local area’s relationship with Lake Champlain from 4000 B.C. through World War II.

Although the exhibit has been moved from the Covered Bridge, it remains on display in the Town Hall Offices (upstairs corridor). Lisa Mann has hung this temporary gallery for the benefit of townspeople who missed seeing these historic marine images on the ferry or in the covered bridge to the museum.

The exhibit will be on display until July 12.