Lake Champlain Waldorf Preschool students eligible for Act 62 funds

July-2-E-Act-62-SCThe Lake Champlain Waldorf School (LCWS) is now qualified to receive Act 62 funds for its preschool program. Act 62 enables Vermont school districts to allocate a portion of their budget to assist families in paying for preschool for children ages 3-5. Signed into law in 2007, Act 62 permits families to choose a private (non-public school) early childhood education program and still access public funds to offset tuition costs for prekindergarten children.

Beginning in the fall of 2014, LCWS will be among the preschool choices for families. “Now that we have been approved for Act 62, we are the process of partnering with towns in Chittenden and Addison Counties,” says Admissions Director Pam Graham. “We are excited to build these relationships and to open our doors to more preschoolers.”

Although Act 62 was initially not mandatory for towns, Vermont passed a new law, H.270, this taking effect this October, ensuring that every preschool age student will have access to these funds. Families aren’t required to enroll prekindergarten children, but many appreciate the option for quality early childhood programs.

Act 62 recognizes that “a child’s growth and development occur best in an integrated environment.” The LCWS multi-age preschool/kindergarten program is located in the heart of Shelburne. For more information please call or email Pam Graham at 985-2827 x12 or