Ladies of the Lake celebrate 10 years

DSC_0933-copyOnce a month a group of women don red hats and gather for a bite to eat, conversation, and fun. Even the Society’s 10-year anniversary celebration last week did not deviate from the groups’ initial focus. After the Ladies of the Lake enjoyed a barbecue luncheon, catered by the Dutch Mill Restaurant, the festivities continued with the Red Hat pledge, a special dessert, and plans for next month’s gathering.

Local Red Hat co-creator Ann Bielawski’s wish that the anniversary celebration would “welcome back some old-timers and new members, too” came true when longtime Red Hat Betty Giroux returned with a litany of jokes to share and two new members attended the festivities.

In September the Ladies of the Lake Red Hats will meet at the Windjammer on Friday, Sept. 19 at noon for lunch, comradery, and laughter. Those interested in attending next month’s gathering should contact Queen Katharine at (802) 999-4394 or email

Red Hat Pledge

I do solemnly swear on my Red Hat that I will do my best to uphold the spirit of the Red Hat Society. I promise to greet middle age with humor and take my silliness seriously. I promise to regularly practice laughter and having fun. I promise to wear my proper attire at all functions. I promise to eat dessert before my meals if I want to. I promise to dispel the notion a woman of my age is old! In the spirit of friendship and sisterhood, I now join hands with my Red Hat sisters as we kick start this Red Hat gathering.