Rules for sharing the road

Three weeks ago, Shelburne News published a blog post by Friends of Shelburne Paths regarding sharing the road.  In an effort to continue the conversation regarding bike and vehicle transportation, here are two lists detailing pertinent information for each respective party. We hope this information is useful in your travels.
For drivers:
• Cyclists have the legal right to ride on the road.
• Leave at least four feet of passing space.
• Cyclists ride with traffic.
• Cyclists making a left turn move to the left side of the lane or into the turning lane.
• Allow cyclists to complete the turn before overtaking and passing them.
• When turning left, yield to oncoming bicyclists as you would motorists.
• It is legal for two bicyclists to ride side by side.
• Cyclists may “command the lane” by riding in the center to position themselves correctly in the proper travel lane, or when hazards in the road necessitate.
• Learn to recognize situations and obstacles which may be hazardous to cyclists.
• When driving an electric vehicle, be aware that cyclists may not hear you approaching from behind.
• In general, be considerate, slow down, give plenty of room and pass with caution.
For cyclists:
• Obey all traffic signals and signs. Breaking traffic laws subjects you to tickets and fines.
• Ride with traffic, on the right side of the road.
• Ride two abreast only when it does not impede traffic.
• If approaching a right turn lane, but going straight, do not enter the turn lane.
• Signal turns and stops properly.
• Look before you make a lane change or turn.
• Command the lane:
• before turning left, when the road is too narrow for cars to pass, and when there are hazards to the right side of the road.
• Do not weave between parked vehicles.
• Do not wear headphones, so that you can hear traffic.
• In general, be predictable, courteous and alert.