Shelburne Vineyard participates in state wide Open House

Shelburne Vineyard will participate in the VT Grape and Wine Council’s Open House Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 16 and 17 with wine tastings and tours of the vineyard and winery from 11am-6pm each day. A regular tasting ($7) will include a sampling of all of the Vineyard’s current wines and includes a souvenir wineglass.  Shelburne Vineyard also offers a pairing tasting of four wines and four specially selected Vermont artisan cheeses for $15 or a simple cheese tasting for $10. Tours are scheduled on the hour from 1-4pm.
“We love this annual event,” said Gail Albert, Marketing Director at Shelburne Vineyard, “it is an opportunity for Vermonters and visitors alike to experience the growing wine industry that has emerged in Vermont during the past 15 years and to taste the new varietals that thrive here in Vermont’s colder climate.”
Shelburne Vineyards will be one of 21 local vineyards participating in the Open House, which will include tastings of fruit wines and ciders as well.  For those looking to venture further afoot, check out Whaleback Vineyards in Poultney, North Branch Vineyards in Montpelier, Grand View Winery in Waterbury Center, or any one of the many other vineyards to be featured.
This is an incredible chance to check out larger vineyards with established tasting rooms, as well as smaller establishments who grow grapes, make wine, or do both.  Some of these places don’t usually open their doors to the public, so take advantage of the opportunity to become better acquainted with Vermont’s terroir.  That’s a bit of wine vocabulary that we have only recently been able to apply to the products of our small state.  Terroir is the set of characteristics a wine develops as a result of the geology, geography, and climate of its origin.   Some of the varietals that have become synonymous with Vermont’s burgeoning wine industry, and developing terroir, are Marquette, La Crescent, and Louise Swenson.  And what better way to learn about the attributes of each variety than from the mouths of the dedicated Vermonters who grow them?
Activities during Open House Weekend will be different at each vineyard or winery, so please check full details on each winery’s website for details and hours.  You can visit for more information regarding the event and a list of all the wineries participating.  Details regarding the Open House will be listed on their Annual Events page.