Tour features Mad River Barns and Bridges this Sunday

What is the difference between a “kingpost” and a “queenpost”? How does a farm gain organic status?  Where is the second oldest covered bridge in Vermont located? What is a re-purposed barn?  The answers to these and many more questions can be discovered when eight unique barns and the Valley’s three covered bridges become the focus of the Barns & Bridges Tour of the Mad River Valley on Sunday, Aug. 24.
This self-guided tour starts in the morning at the Warren Covered Bridge, then up to the spectacular views of Bragg Hill, where Mt. Ellen serves as a beautiful backdrop for the Bragg farm barn. Follow with visits to Neill Farm, where Kaleigh Hamell will show you her prize-winning oxen, and on to Simplicity Farm, where cows walk under Route 100.
Sandwiched between the barn visits, stop at the two other covered bridges and find fascinating facts and figures about these icons of the Mad River Valley.
The tour ends at the Inn at Lareau Farm, home of the original American Flatbread, a perfect place to have dinner after a day of touring some of Vermont’s most picturesque landmarks.  While you’re at it, check out the farm’s Big Red Barn Art Show, featuring paintings, sculptures, and prints by local artists.
The Barns and Bridges Tour, a favorite of locals and visitor alike, is a part of the larger Vermont Festival of the Arts. For more information contact (802) 496-6682 or