CVU girls’ basketball camp gives awards

Morning session learning to shoot free throws from Coach Otley
Morning session learning to shoot free throws from Coach Otley

Eighty-five girls entering grades 4-9 participated in the CVU girls’ basketball camp this summer. The girls were coached by current CVU basketball players and coaches Ute Otley and Cathy Kohlasch. The camp emphasized fundamentals and competition in a fun, energized atmosphere. The following girls walked away with awards on Championship Friday:
Morning Session (Grades 4-6) Awards:
Free Throw Champion – Jade Leavitt
Most Improved Player – Leslie Bostwick
Best Defensive Player – Vivienne Babbott
Heart and Hustle Award – Phoebe Dennison
All-Stars – Jade Leavitt, Carolina Sicotte, Madison Reagan, Claudia Dornbeirer, and Sophia Stevens.
Shooting Team Champion – Castleton – Jade Leavitt, Vivienne Babbott, Elise Ayer, Stella Ewald, and Sophia Stevens.
League Champions – Sky – Jade Leavitt, Allison Bates, Quinn Connolly, Madeline Bunting, Stella Ewald, Francesca Krol-Dak, and Josie Sayre.
Afternoon Session (Grades 7-9) Awards:
Free Throw Champion – Catherine Gilwee
7th grade 1-on-1 Champ – Kristen Varin
8th-9th grade 1-on-1 Champ – Shannon Loiseau
Most Improved Player – Mary Titus
Best Defensive Player – Bella Nevin,
Heart and Hustle Award – Julia Neeld
All-Stars – Ella Whitman, Harper Mead, Emma Bissonette, Megan Gilwee, Shannon Loiseau, Grace Hoehl, and Willow Yager
Shooting Team Champion – Tennessee – Kristen Varin, Shannon Loiseau, Mary Titus, Bella Nevin, Sydney Hicks, Nicole Eaton, and Grace Colbeth.
League Champions – Sparks – Kristen Varin, Bella Nevin, Harper Mead, Julia Neeld, Hayley Clos, Izzy Dornbierer, Lilyanna Menk, Bray Hunter, and Bridget Davis.
Sadie Otley was named Ultimate Counselor by the vote of the campers.