Deer hunting seminars offered for beginners

Of all the connections between the land and food, none is more direct than hunting. But without friends or relatives who hunt, venturing out on the solo path from table to field can be intimidating. To make this journey easier, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is offering three “Getting Started in Deer Hunting” seminars in September.
While basic firearm hunter education is still mandatory for first-time license buyers, these classes go beyond the traditional course. They offer the tips and techniques prospective hunters need to get the most out of their first deer hunting season.
“Vermont is a leader in locally sourced food, and we value knowing where our food comes from,” said Christopher Saunders, hunter education coordinator. “Hunting is a natural extension of this passion, particularly for people who care deeply about the land. These seminars are a first step for folks who want to get into deer hunting, particularly for those who haven’t grown up in a hunting family or don’t know many hunters.”
Topics will include basic deer biology, hunting regulations, firearm selection, where-to-go, hunting tips, gear, and techniques. Even participants who are on the fence about trying deer hunting are welcome to attend and get a glimpse of what deer hunting is all about, and why it’s so inextricably linked with Vermont’s working landscape.
“Being able to source healthy meat has become the number one reason why people like to hunt, even more than getting outdoors or spending time with family and friends,” said Saunders. “And it’s becoming the main reason they take up hunting to begin with, particularly adults.”
The Getting Started in Deer Hunting seminars are being offered in Montpelier (Sept. 10), Castleton (Sept. 17) and Burlington (Sept. 24) from 6 to 9pm, except the Burlington seminar ends at 8pm.
Register online at For additional information, contact Chris Saunders at or (802) 828-1193.