Planning Commission reviews form based code changes

The Development Review Board (DRB) and the Planning Commission were scheduled to hold a joint meeting on Sept. 17 to discuss the form based code proposal.  In the absence of a quorum, the DRB meeting was not held, but the Planning Commission continued the meeting on their own with some DRB members in attendance.
The consultants for the project reported on changes they had made at the suggestion of Commission members and Shelburnites since their last session.  First, as requested, they provided illustrations on how the Red Apple Motel and the Sirloin Saloon could be redeveloped under the existing zoning regulations versus under a form based code. In each instance, the form based code allowed for larger buildings and more creative use of the land.
A great deal of the meeting was devoted to the question of stormwater management, including such issues as whether standards should apply town wide or only to the Route 7 corridor, whether individual properties or groups of properties would have to institute measures, and what measures should be required. Another question was whether a separate stormwater management authority should be established for Shelburne as is the case in South Burlington which also has a very detailed manual on stormwater abatement measures that the Planning Commission members were encouraged to read before their next meeting.
The Commission also engaged in a discussion of signage standards and whether specific building materials should be delineated in the code.
The Commission will meet again on Thursday, Sept. 25 at 7pm in the Municipal Center in the first of five scheduled meetings to focus on finalizing the proposed form based code.