Tree Advisory Committee gives First Detector presentation in Shelburne

Oct-1-T-Tree-Advisory-SDid you know that almost two thirds of Vermont’s forests are made up of ash, hemlock, and maple trees, and that those species are currently being threatened by a veritable army of invasive species?  On Monday, Oct. 13 Local Forest Pest First Detector Shelby Perry will teach interested residents and the Tree Advisory Committee how to identify forest pests and infestations. She’ll focus on the emerald ash borer, asian longhorn beetle, and hemlock woolly algid, and explain Vermont’s Don’t Move Firewood campaign and why is it so important.
Perry grew up in Barre and studied environmental engineering as an undergrad at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.  She volunteers for the Johnson Conservation Commission and helped with their invasive insect preparedness planning
Perry’s presentation will begin at 7pm in the Shelburne Town Offices. For more information call Jan Gannon at 373-5780.