DRB approves four of six Shelburnewood applications

At its meeting on Oct. 15, the Development Review Board (DRB) approved four applications from Commons at Shelburnewood but continued two others. In one application, Shelburnewood requested retroactive approval for placing a mobile home on site 167 as well as for the demolition of the “Thomas Cottage” which was considered a historic site, although “its association with the historic use of the site has been compromised.  In addition, architectural integrity of the building has been substantially compromised” according to Nov. 2, 2009 report by Historic Preservation Consultant Liz Pritchett to the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation. The cottage was destroyed in a controlled burn exercise by the Shelburne Fire Department some 18 months ago without any consideration by the DRB.
The DRB could give retroactive approval if certain conditions are met, such as finding that “the proposed redevelopment of the site after demolition will provide a clear and substantial benefit to the community as a whole.” Dave Marshall, who appeared on behalf of Shelburnewood, reported that a Shelburne resident would like to build a new home of similar size and style on the site.  While approving the mobile home on site 167, the DRB continued the discussion of the Thomas Cottage until its next meeting in order to review plans for the new home.
In two other applications, the DRB approved mobile home units on eight different sites within Shelburnewood, but requested that site 75 be modified and more information provided about the configuration of the roadway and the proposed changes to the Thomas House and Thomas Garage.
In other business, the DRB approved:
• An application by Derek Hellyer on behalf of 3310 Shelburne Road Properties LLC to add two 15-foot light poles to illuminate the existing parking area. The applicant provided documentation that the new lighting would be consistent with the town’s lighting standards.
• An application by Pill-Maharam Architects for replacing a free-standing sign consisting of four individual panels at 53 Falls Road.
Before adjournment, DRB Chair Mark Sammut welcomed new DRB alternate Jerry Storey who participated in the meeting, and announced that Mary Kehoe had been appointed as a member of the DRB.
The next meeting of the DRB will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 5 at 7pm in the Municipal Center.