Selectboard hears updates from Library, Shelburne Museum

By Heather McKim
Leaks, lack of space for programs, a non-wheelchair accessible public restroom, and no insulation at one end of the building. Those are just some of the issues facing Pierson Library that Library Director Lara Keenan described during the Library Board of Trustees’ update and review, which was one of several matters addressed by the Shelburne Selectboard at its Oct. 28 meeting.
During the harsh cold last winter, the aging library building suffered a burst pipe. That incident cost Pierson 800 books.
“This was only supposed to be a temporary solution,” Board member Colleen Parker noted, referring to the fact that long ago when the library had been moved into its current building there had been a promise that there would be a roomier space in 10 years. That promise went unfulfilled.
Keenan spoke of various services the library provides to the community. Trustee Brian Bock noted, it is not just a repository for books; it is a community center. The library offers DVDs, a montly tech week, kids movie afternoons, computer use, and has been working on expanding its event offerings for adults.
The Board received a status update on Shelburne Museum. Director Thomas Denenberg spoke of recent activities as well as upcoming events.
The Halloween candy offered over the weekend drew 2,907 children to the museum. The summer concerts also drew thousands of attendees.
Shelburne Museum Goes To The Dogs will not be returning to the museum. Denenberg said that the annual event simply outgrew the museum. While it raised money for many worthwhile groups, it was costing the museum money.
Denenberg stressed that the event had not been dropped due to concerns over liability issues. He added that, in all the years that it had been held, there had only been one instance in which anyone was bitten, and that had been an issue of someone getting nipped by their own dog.
He added that the event may be reinvented at some point.
The Selectboard acknowledged the receipt of a 45 day notice concerning the New England Clean Power Link project (NECPL), which will run cables to Ludlow from Canada for the purpose of transporting clean energy from hydro power.
There will be no cables running through Shelburne. Instead, 97 miles of the cable will be running through Lake Champlain. The closest this will come to the town will be roughly one-and-a-half miles.
Board members voted to approve a cooperative agreement with the State for the proposed 600-foot sidewalk between the town offices and the Shelburne Museum.
Town road and bridge standards were adopted. The Board had done so earlier in the year, but an error had resulted in the wrong standards being voted on. Tuesday night’s vote was meant to rectify this.
The Board considered authorizing the formation of the Suspension Bridge Advisory Committee. However, it was decided after a bit of conversation that the issue should be tabled until the Nov. 11 meeting so that more work could be done on the mission statement.
The next Selectboard meeting will be Nov. 11.