The Readers Write

Public housing agencies crack down on lighting up
I have lung disease and am a non-smoker. All of my life I have been exposed to second hand smoke. I have lived in two previous “smoke-free” properties and now am in my third public housing project that toots its horn about being “smoke-free.”
I assumed that “smoke-free” meant free from smoking. Alas, this is not the case as I have discovered at all of the properties I have and am currently renting within public-housing.
Landlords quickly adopt addendums to the lease that changes this policy. First they assign a designated smoking area. This area seems to be located outside, near a point of entry to the housing, or near designated children’s play areas. Of course now that they have gone from smoke-free to smoking in these areas, it encourages smoking to begin outside of these assigned areas and before you know it the “smoke-free” housing has now become a full throttle smokers’ haven.
You would think that smoke-free is a no exception rule. It has been proven time and again to be a public health hazard and known cancer agent. It also is a fire risk as smokers tend to toss their lit butts all over the place. This increases insurances.
As a non-smoker living in “non-smoking” public housing, it is frustrating to have the rules and terms of the leases change to support smoking. Smoke-free should be just that…smoke-free. No exceptions!
Bonnie Barrows, Shelburne