The Readers Write

The race isn’t over yet

The statewide election results are a clarion call that the people of Vermont are fed up with the direction in which the governor has been leading us. If there had not been a libertarian on the ballot, Scott Milne would have won the most votes. Until the legislature votes in January, our current governor lacks a mandate. And because that vote will be by secret ballot, each legislator can vote her/his conscience –without fear of party coercion.

So over the next two months we, the citizens of Vermont, have an unusual opportunity to persuade our local representatives and senators to do the right thing and elect a leader who truly represents the will of the people. We deserve a governor who will focus on our needs and the future of our communities, not grandstand on the national stage by being first in the nation with single payer health care and saying we’re worst in the nation with substance abuse, not blame education spending when the real problem is property tax driven funding, and not drive away businesses and jobs with permitting and regulatory processes that serve the whims of the current administration.

We can take advantage of this rare opportunity to reform the direction of Montpelier, by letting our locally elected legislators know that we deserve better. The election results show we need a change at the top. Let’s do our best to get it.

Robert Finn, Shelburne


Lenes thanks community for re-election

Thank you for the privilege of returning to Montpelier to serve as your Representative from Chittenden 5-2 Shelburne and St. George. It is truly an honor. I will continue to work toward fair and balanced solutions to the issues we face.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me as I came by your door. I gladly accept the challenge and responsibility to represent you.

Rep. Joan Lenes, Shelburne


Shelburne residents deserve thanks

Thank you for your support of my re-election to the Vermont Senate. Your confidence in my work to represent you is greatly appreciated. Critical challenges face us during the coming legislative session. These include cost of living related to health care, education, good jobs, and energy. I will continue to take a balanced approach, to use common sense, and collaboration when finding solutions to problems facing our County. I look forward to working on many issues critical to our welfare and sense of community. Thank you again. Please stay engaged in civic activities and contact me with your comments, concerns, and questions.

Senator Ginny Lyons


Senator thanks community for support

I wish to thank the voters of Shelburne and Chittenden County for electing me to serve in the Vermont Senate. As this was my very first run for elective office, I am humbled and honored by both the election and the privilege to serve. I fully realize that the amazing legacy of my late wife Senator Sally Fox had a lot to do with my success and am so thankful that I will have the opportunity to continue her good work. My long history of advocacy in the Legislature on behalf of Vermont’s working families and consumers tells me that this will be an exceptionally challenging biennium, with a multitude of complex and controversial issues. The results of Tuesday’s elections clearly confirm that the voters expect change and results. I am ready and anxious to get going on your behalf.   Thank you very much again.

Senator Michael Sirotkin, Chittenden County


Thank you from Kate

I wanted to take a moment to thank the Shelburne voters of Chittenden 5-1 for selecting me once again to represent you in Montpelier. There is much work to do. Community members have made it very clear to me that the heavy burden of property taxes has become more than most can bear. This is further complicated by the fact that the local school budget vote is disconnected from what we will ultimately pay in property taxes. I hear you and I hear the request for no new mandates, unless it has no cost or lowers costs. I am in conversation with our leadership on this topic.

I also hear that you are very frustrated with the rollout of Vermont Health Connect and are concerned that a plan for universal health care or “single payer” is beyond what the State can manage. We anticipate hearing from the Governor how this will be funded and implemented this session. As frustrating as this waiting has been, bear in mind that the Governor’s plan must be viable and hold to a series of financial, service, and quality principles if the Legislature is to move forward with Green Mountain Care. Before the Affordable Care Act, Vermonters were on a spending trajectory, spending over $700 million on deductibles and copays, and nearly $2 billion in premiums in 2012. If Green Mountain Care is not viable, the budget-breaking cost of health care will still be with us.

I am in town most of November and December and have planned meetings with several citizens. If you need help or have a question or concern, please feel free to contact me by email at or phone (802) 233-7798.

Representative Kate Webb, Shelburne