The Readers Write

Thanks for clear roads

Shelburne has the luck to have road and sidewalk crews that do their job excellently and then, we have businesses or people who clean their driveways and put their snow back onto the sidewalks. I walked the past two days from Davis Park to the Post Office on one day and the next to Falls Road by the old Natalia’s and it just makes me sad to know people who do this have no consideration for the walkers or the people who do the job of cleaning up after a storm like we had last Wednesday. Thanks go to the Shelburne Road and Sidewalk Crews. Some people just do not know how LUCKY they are to have them do the work they do. Thank you, again, Paul Goodrich and crew. I appreciate you even if you have to put snow in my driveway to get the road clean!!! LOL.

Ruth Rothenberger, Shelburne