Notable Neighbors

F-1-T-Notable-Neighbor-Sby Sadie Williams

Owners of businesses in Shelburne may be familiar with the smiling face of Molly Trevithick, one of Wind Ridge Publishing’s dedicated sales associates. Although she only works two days a week, on those two days she lights up the office with her bubbly personality and winning smile.

Trevithick is a Vermonter through and through. She was born in Burlington, where she lived until the second grade. At that point her family moved to Williston, where she lived until she graduated from Champlain Valley Union (CVU) High School in 1997. There she took Holocaust Studies with Robert Burnheim. The experience so deeply affected her that when she went on to the University of Vermont (UVM) she majored in history with a concentration on WWII.

“It really just struck me, I couldn’t fathom that this happened and that not a lot of people knew much about it,” Trevithick says. While she hasn’t used her studies in her career, she continues to consume literature regarding the Holocaust and sometimes attends open UVM lectures on the subject.

After graduating, Trevithick worked as a nanny to four small children in Burlington. “[I was] just trying to figure out what I wanted to do,” she says. It was during that time that she met her future husband, Mark. Although they had both attended CVU, they didn’t meet each other until a mutual friend introduced them while out on the town one night. At the time, Mark was attending school in Boston.

The relationship was budding, but the distance made things difficult. When one of her friends decided to move to Portland, Maine, Trevithick seized on the opportunity for a new experience and went with her. “I knew I needed to leave. I loved living here, I love it here, but I just knew that I had to do something [different].” It was in Maine that Trevithick developed a love for the ocean that is with her to this day. Having her boyfriend an hour away instead of three didn’t hurt either.

Eventually the young couple made the move back to the Green Mountain State. In 2008 they were married at Sleepy Hollow in Huntington, and in October of 2012 they welcomed two adorable twins into the world, John and Nora. Those little tykes are a constant source of entertainment for the young mother.

“They’re two now, and they’re a lot of fun. I mean I love babies, when they were babies it didn’t seem like they were ever going to not be babies. [But] you just kind of live in the moment, and now they are toddlers and they’re talking. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. I laugh every day…It’s insane.”

When Trevithick isn’t in the office, she’s finding fun things to do with her kids. She’ll take them to gymnastics facilities where they can “just run and jump and be crazy and get it all out,” to different playgroups and playgrounds, and for long walks on the bike path. Even in the icy cold of winter she’ll find fun things for them to do outside.

“My children are Vermont children. We were out the other day, the wind was whipping, it was probably two degrees, but we were still out there. They don’t know any different. They’re Vermont kids, they’re tough,” Trevithick says, smiling.