NutriMost Vermont opens in Shelburne

NutriMost owner Dr. Curtis Gross is flanked by his support team Danielle Towsley, left, and Sierra Centerbar, right.
NutriMost owner Dr. Curtis Gross is flanked by his support team Danielle Towsley, left, and Sierra Centerbar, right.

It’s a simple fact: Americans are preoccupied with weight. But it hasn’t always been this way. Before the 1800s, heft was a sign of health and vitality, but now thin is in. While people often turn to crash diets, pills, mail order food, and more drastic measures to attain what they consider a beautiful body, those efforts are often ill-rewarded and in the end, actually unhealthy. Fortunately one local doctor has found a revolutionary way to help people attain their ideal weight. Long-practicing Middlebury chiropractor Dr. Curtis Gross discovered NutriMost, a one-of-a-kind weight loss program developed by fellow chiropractor Dr. Raymond Wisniewski, and is now making it available in Shelburne.

Although he will continue to operate Middlebury Chiropractic, Dr. Gross made the choice to open an office in town dedicated to the NutriMost system. Why here? When Dr. Gross was looking for a second location, he immediately thought of Shelburne. “It’s a nice town,” he said.

“The NutriMost system is easy for participants,” Dr. Gross explained. “It’s very different than other weight loss programs. We analyze 2,800 different biological markers in each person to determine their needs. It’s different for everyone.”

After an initial fitness assessment, Dr. Gross utilizes NutriMost Resonant Frequency (NRF) technology, a comprehensive electro-impedance resonant frequency scan, to determine the exact blueprint a person needs to follow to bring their body into an optimal state of fat burning during the 40-day weight loss program and subsequent 21-day stabilization period.

Following the scan, patients receive all-natural, non-medicinal supplements to stabilize body chemistry and correct hormonal imbalances. From this point patients begin to see weight loss of a half a pound to two pounds per day by embracing the components of the program that include: hydrating, cleansing, and balancing the pH of the body and nutritional detoxification, all conducted under doctor supervision, so that the body will reset its metabolism to allow patients to eat normally.

Patients are provided with a list of healthy and nutritious foods best for their body chemistry. Exercise is not required. Nor are any drugs prescribed. There are no pre-packaged foods to purchase, and best of all patients report that they are not hungry throughout the program.

“I stay in close contact with each participant,” Dr. Gross noted. “Patients are asked to let me know about their weight losses on a daily basis so that I can monitor their progress or answer any questions about the weight loss program. I’ve helped people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid problems get off their medications because of their weight loss. I can’t tell you how thrilled people are with NutriMost.”

Dr. Gross contractually guarantees results for NutriMost clients, assuring patients they will lose weight [the average weight loss is 20 to 45 pounds] by sticking to the 40-day plan. “I sign a contract. It’s guaranteed.” He can do this easily because it in a nutshell, “it works.”