In response to zero tolerance

I too share in the tragic loss of the three cyclists killed on Vermont roads in the past few months and agree with laws of sharing of the road by both cars and bikes needing to be reviewed. Obviously there are some specific ones that are often not followed by motorists, texting, phone use and driving drunk or drugged being obvious ones. But there is always the other side of the coin. The cyclists who ride in packs, three and four abreast on country roads (Spear, Dorset being the worst) and those also who speed through red lights and stop signs because they are not a car. Tell me how that is legal? Yet when confronted, the cyclist is often belligerent and abusive to the driver and this often ends in much profanity.

So share we must, and should, but following the laws of the road is also mandatory in both cases.

Sean Moran – Shelburne