What’s the story behind those buses?


I’m careening in my car toward the beach around the curve on Lake Road in Charlotte, singing along with Adele at the top of my lungs, because I actually secretly am Adele, when …

Hold on. Wait. I read Front Porch Forum, and I know speeding isn’t welcome here in the town of Charlotte, so there is no careening anymore. Let’s restart.

I’m driving safely and cautiously at 25 mph, which is the posted speed limit as Lake Road approaches Charlotte Beach. I’m still singing along with Adele because I still am Adele, and suddenly, there looming in front of me, is a big blue CCTA public transportation bus. A bus? They’re familiar sights along Route 7, but it’s a little surprising off in the corners of town. Until the end of December, there were two buses, both parked in someone’s driveway, causing a stir as only a misplaced bus in a small town could.

Road Commissioner Hugh Lewis, Jr. brought up the buses at a Selectboard meeting in mid-December because one was sticking out too far into the roadway, alarming motorists who were approaching that curve in the road, and raising concerns for Lewis that the bus would cause an issue for a snowplow. According to the Selectboard meeting minutes, Lewis said a person purchased two old CCTA buses and parked them on his mother’s Lake Road property. The bus owner was out of the country and non-responsive to telephone calls.

The owner of the property upon which the buses were parked said she has no comment on the matter. “The buses are no affair of mine,” she said.

I understand why this would cause trouble for the poor woman who owns the home; I wouldn’t be too happy with my kids if they parked a couple giant leaking buses in my driveway, either.

After some involvement with the state police, who initially claimed that the bus was a road obstruction and then changed their minds and said it wasn’t, the offending vehicle was finally towed by Tailhook Towing and presumably taken somewhere where it wasn’t getting in the way of plows. It’s kind of too bad, because despite the frequent scoldings on Front Porch Forum, that bus did an excellent job of reminding me to slow down.

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