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To all who made Shelburne’s Memorial Day Ceremony successful

As always, the success of any endeavor requires the cooperation, assistance and coordination of many individuals and activities. This was again demonstrated by the success of Shelburne’s Memorial Day tribute. It was especially gratifying to be able to celebrate this day around our Veterans Monument.

In keeping with past years, I will not attempt to name all of those who made Memorial Day such a great success for fear of forgetting someone. However, the names cover a wide range from the guest speaker to the supplier of electricity, from the Rotary to the moving of the trailer and all in between.

I would be remiss if I did not thank all of those who were in attendance for taking their time to celebrate the day when we remember those who have given their lives that we might live the life we live today.

Again, thanks for your support.
COL Carroll A. “Bud” Ockert, US Army, Ret.

Thank you from Joan Lenes

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shelburne voters for electing me to the newly created Champlain Valley School District Board of School Directors on June 7. I appreciate your support and believe a consolidated district is good for students, faculty, and taxpayers.

I would also like to thank Tim Williams for his well-run campaign. The new CVSD will work closely with all the CSSU Boards over this very important transition year.
Rep. Joan Lenes

Let’s find common sense resolutions

Tip of the hat to Ms. Lavalette for SAYING it, AND to Shelburne News for PRINTING it! A pleasant surprise!

In the past few years, it seems that any critique of cyclists brings forth the ire of those who still believe it IS possible (on Vermont’s sadly defunct roads) to combine speeding autos, erratic bikers, and ear-plugged joggers. The three “cultures” are simply not compatible, and the inevitable skirmishes can – and do- result in death. Witness last year’s sad totals. That is one part of the problem. The other part is the apparent reluctance of the Town leadership to admit that something besides a few skimpy signs and a supposed-grant “study” will fix it.

Shelburne is facing some serious issues… and yes, it is very easy to point fingers at the 1% who “run the Town”… and they ARE responsible for most of the decisions that are made. But… Shelburne is (according to our own self-advertising!) a very Unique Town – populated by a wonderfully “diverse” group of residents… doctors, lawyers, academics, philosophers, farmers, planners, poets, musicians, fitness gurus, religious leaders, contractors, architects, engineers, artists. and even some ordinary “worker-bees” such as myself who have lived here long enough to remember when things were different… attitudes and actions were different.

I have the temerity to believe that the we will have to roll up our collective sleeves, in some cases, and start dealing with the messes we ourselves have helped create…and begin to fix “stuff” …. with – or in some instances – without – the express “permission” or expected support of “Town Regulations’”… or rules…. I am not advocating a “revolution”… just the return of some common-sense RESOLUTIONS.

We brag about the talent and expertise of our residents (they certainly know how to get on the Internet!)

Ms. Lavalette has aptly encapsulated one part of our problem…. there are others…. Now how do we go about finding solutions?
Dorothy Sawyer

Thank you Shelburne for voting for Act 46

Thank you.

The members of the Shelburne School Board would like to express our appreciation to the residents of Shelburne for their approval of the Act 46 School Governance Consolidation.  This is a complex piece of legislation, and we thank the community for engaging the CSSU Act 46 study committee and asking thoughtful questions during the process.

Shelburne’s new delegates to the 12 member unified board are Dave Connery, Joan Lenes, and Russ Caffry.  The current SCS board will continue to function until July 1, 2017.  The new board will gradually ramp up responsibility over the next year as they develop the required policies and procedures to form the new Champlain Valley School District.

Shelburne’s commitment to quality education after thoughtful consideration was evident in the 533-91 vote, and the board is extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve the community.

Dave Connery
Kathy Stockman
Bob Finn
Tim Williams
Matt Wormser

Wind Ridge Books closing doors June 30

Dear readers, writers, friends, and colleagues,

In these past two years, we have accomplished much that we are proud of and celebrate: We published 14 Wind Ridge Books, 3 Bard Owl Books, 20 Red Barn Books, and—last but never least—held 24 wonderful workshops at the Writers’ Barn.

When we started Voices of Vermonters as a nonprofit organization in 2014, we hoped to provide a publishing platform for Vermont writers to make their voices heard—and to nurture new talent at the Writers’ Barn. But it will likely not surprise you to hear that today’s book publishing industry is capricious and in a perilous state. We were not immune. While we remained steadfast in our commitment to nurture and introduce emergent local talent, we have found it a perpetual trial to swim upstream against forces outside of our control—including industry-wide changes in consumer book-buying habits, the challenge of discoverability, diminishing book sales, and a marketplace increasingly dominated by Amazon.

We regret to inform you that despite our board of directors and staff’s valiant efforts, we will be closing our doors on June 30.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in building a lively writing community. We loved meeting and working with all of you and hope that in some small way it may have made a difference to our literary community and local culture.

We will miss you, we will miss reading all of your good words, and we will miss what we might have done. We wish you all well. May you always find a place and way to share your stories.

Lin Stone, Managing Editor, and the Voices of Vermonters Publishing Group, Inc. Board of Directors

Editors Note: Wind Ridge Books and Wind Ridge Publishing are not affiliated

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