Town techie Marcher is retired, but still working on the website

Betty Marcher and Mattie, her Havanaese, work on updating the town’s website together at Marcher’s home in Shelburne. Photo by Boston Neary
Betty Marcher and Mattie, her Havanaese, work on updating the town’s website together at Marcher’s home in Shelburne. Photo by Boston Neary

During her 30-year tenure working for the town of Shelburne, Betty Marcher was always involved in technology and computers. Out of all of her work, the project of which she is the most proud is bringing the town’s website to life.

“The website has been my baby, and I am so proud of it,” said Marcher with a big smile. “Hands down, it’s been my favorite part of my job, ever!”

The new website has become a point of pride for the town, garnering more than 10,000 hits per month. The highest number for the previous site was around 1,500.

Marcher and Town Manager Joe Colangelo spent several months working together, looking at municipal websites for inspiration. One website that stood out was from the town of Banff in Alberta, Canada.

“The thing that struck me was the beauty of the photography, and the ease of navigation,” she said.

“Betty deserves all that credit. She designed it. She managed it,” Colangelo said. “[This is] really something for the entire community.” He pointed out that not only does it contain valuable information for people, it also serves to help local businesses.

After three decades of serving the town, Marcher retired from her full-time position as network administrator and financial administrative assistant on Sept. 16. She has played many roles over the years, including handling payroll.

One thing that visitors to the Town Offices quickly learned about Marcher was that she loves animals. She often photographed canine visitors who came in for their dog licenses. Marcher herself is a dedicated dog owner. Her Havanaese, Mattie, is her constant companion at home.

Marcher has gained professional recognition for her efforts with computers. She lists network administrator and web content manager as her favorite positions during her three decades with the town.

“She was really the go-to person for computer issues from the very beginning, up until now,” town finance director Peter Frankenburg said. He added that Marcher has been, “really the key person who brought us up to where we are today, computer-wise.” He said that her efforts helped to limit the amount of outside support the town needed, and that her presence was always appreciated in the office.

“She just has a very energetic personality, is well liked by employees, easy to talk to, and cared about by other employees,” Frankenburg said.

While Marcher’s presence will be missed at the Town Office, she will not be wholly gone. She plans to continue working remotely part-time in her role as web content manager and providing IT support for the next year or two. The website is a work in progress, and always needs updating, she said.

As she moves into a new chapter, Marcher is considering a bit of travel, perhaps to a warm destination. For now, though, she is just getting used to not having to head off to the office each morning. Instead, her website work is now done under the watchful eyes of her canine and feline household members, enjoying her home and her town.
“I like the people here, and I love the look of the community. I’ve lived here since 1971, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in Vermont,” Marcher said.

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  1. Betty Marcher   October 6, 2016 at 11:36 am

    It should have been stated in the article that part of the beauty of the design of the website is the photography and Paul Boisvert of Shelburne is responsible for those images. He kindly allowed us to use several of his images and I am extremely grateful.


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