Rick’s Field of Dreams

By Rick Bessette
Shelburne’s Poet Laureate

How many of you enjoy feeding the birds, especially during the cold winter months? I have six feeders in our back yard, loaded each day with sunflower seed and suet. As soon as the sun comes up, the birds arrive and……. the show begins. Where there is bird seed, there is inevitably going to be squirrels. Yup! And lots of them. The antics that they go through to get at those little seeds is a riot, until they destroy your  feeder. They jump from limb to limb, limb to house roof to limb, climb greased poles, shimmy down wire, cable or rope. We usually watch and laugh until they cross that thin line and knock the feeder to the ground and break it. I recently sat one morning and wrote “ At The Feeder”. I’m pretty sure you can relate.  — Rick

At The Feeder

Each morning they come
With the sunrise they fly.
Looking for breakfast
To the feeders hung high.

Finches and bluebirds
Cardinals, swallows and doves,
Darting and swarming,
Nudges turn into shoves.

And there on the ground,
Squirrels impatiently wait
For the seed kicked out
At an alarming rate.

This show takes a twist
As dominance sets in,
Yes big daddy squirrel
Rules the turf once again.

Best of luck to those
Thinking you’ve got them beat.
They’ll climb anything
With those sharp little feet.

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