Peaceful negotiations with Vermont Railway — Doris Sage

What affects a portion of Shelburne affects us all. SILENCE is Quality of Life, and once it’s gone, the loss is huge. There is a portion of Shelburne whose lives have been seriously disrupted due to NOISE caused by Vermont Rail System, salt trucks, banging tailgates, etc.

Many homes have lost their peaceful sanctuary. Faculty and students participating in the Waldorf-style education, based on principles of imagination while holistically integrating the intellectual, practical, and artistic, have lost in a big way. Natural sounds and stillness are now only a dream to this educational model. Waldorf School is divested forever from what once made it exclusive. How this came to be—only town officials have those answers. It’s nonproductive to look backwards, but with new questions, new solutions must be found.

What can be done now to mitigate this life-changing issue?

Judge Sessions’ decision will have its impact, but best results will require more than litigation. Communication is imperative. Building rapport must be at the crux of healing old wounds between the Selectboard and Mr. Wulfson.

HOPE is essential! We must carry on and look for good! We certainly all have a greater appreciation for silence.

Bees are attracted with honey rather than vinegar.

The right individual is required for these sensitive meetings with Mr. Wulfson. Attributes needed are:

Peaceful, easygoing temperament, not likely to erupt;


Assesses thoughts, words and tone before expressing self;

Reasoned personality;

Sensitive to residents’ issues;

Willing to work in solidarity with Selectboard and residents;

Experienced town manager.

We have this peaceful personality already sitting on the Selectboard. This man’s presence and skills are sorely needed and Shelburne deserves a point person like Jerry Storey to represent them in dealing with this matter of noise and other matters with VRS.

I’ve worked with Jerry Storey on the Village Pedestrian Safety Group, and he’s a gem. He cares about that which concerns the residents, and noise is a concern.

What affects part of Shelburne affects us all.

Doris Sage

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