Author of recent ethics complaints explains — Davies Allan

Recently I filed a complaint with the ethics committee against Colleen Parker for having sued the Fire Chief and the ethics committee. I asked that she be censored for doing so.

Every citizen in the town should be able to file a complaint against a town employee or board member without fear of intimidation. In this instance, most people thought that Parker’s public vilification of Jerry Ouimet was outrageous. Logically, he filed a complaint with the ethics committee.

But once Parker filed a lawsuit, the dynamics shifted. Although she may have the finances required for extensive litigation, others do not. It’s my guess that Mr. Ouimet could not afford to defend his position, and had no choice but to settle. Ms. Parker won.

Going forward, no one will dare file a complaint, for fear of intimidation and financial harm. Furthermore, why would anyone want to serve on the ethics committee if there are other Colleen Parkers out there that will sue rather than apologize?

A precedent has been set; shame on the ethics committee for turning down the opportunity to remedy this regretful situation.

Davies Allan

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  1. Henry Lokada   December 24, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    I agree with you completely. Colleen and Craig have proven to be totally unhinged and unable to deal with conflict, and same on Mike for taking this case and pursuing it the way he did. These people have no regard for what has made Shelburne special for all these years.


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