Reply to Mr. Dudley about salt sheds — Marna Ehrech

Mr. Tim Dudley, at the end of his Op-Ed in last week’s Shelburne News, asks us “What say you?” Well, since you asked, Mr. Dudley, I’ll tell you.

I felt ashamed for the Shelburne News for printing it, and rather aghast at the level of rage and vitriol that ran throughout this truly nasty “opinion.”

It seems way out of proportion, considering that the only thing the chair of our selectboard did was to appeal a judge’s ruling on a case that is seen as so important by certain state environmental groups that one of them actually made sure that the town was able to do so, by covering the cost of the appeal (capped by the town attorney at $20,000).

In other words, the crime that Mr. Dudley accuses Gary von Stange of is simply doing his best possible for Shelburne’s natural resources. This is so blatantly obvious to anyone who doesn’t have a personal agenda here. Taking care of water is the RIGHT thing to do. Especially since it’s already been compromised by the salt sheds after only one year of operation.

We had to appeal. To do otherwise would be negligent.

I expect a town’s paper to have some sense of propriety and civility. Mr. Dudley’s missive was entirely too offensive. It’s baffling how that depth of hatred can be generated by someone who doesn’t even know Mr. von Stange. In fact, I have been baffled by the unbelievable personal attacks leveled at those members of the board who supported the appeal, even forcing John Kerr to resign!

This level of attack is extreme behavior. Including Mrs. von Stange in the attack was reprehensible. She is a resident here like all of us and also gets to have an opinion. Being eviscerated in this so-called Op-Ed is a completely inappropriate response to her comments at the meeting.

Gary von Stange donated tens of hours a week of his legal expertise to the town on this and other issues, for years. Where is the appreciation? Where is the gratitude? Unbelievable, what he and the others have been subjected to, when they were working so hard on behalf of the town and all of us. These days you need just not smart, but brilliant minds on the town boards and committees. These personal onslaughts on the characters of those brave souls who volunteer will only serve to dissuade others from taking that important step.

Marna Ehrech

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  1. Sean Moran   January 11, 2018 at 8:02 pm

    Gratitude? Attend a meeting.


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