Colleen Haag Public Service Award nominations

The Colleen Haag Public Service Award will be awarded to a Shelburne resident at town meeting on March 5 to recognize outstanding dedication and service to the community. Town Manager Joe Colangelo is collecting nominations through Feb. 9.

To nominate someone, write a short letter listing the individual and your reason for nominating. Email the nomination directly to Colangelo at or send a letter to the editor to the Shelburne News at; or post on Front Porch Forum.

Here are nominations sent to the Shelburne News so far.

Nomination: James Warden
I would like to nominate James Warden to receive The Colleen Haag Public Service Award. Jim was one of “our” (Shelburne’s) own for 30 years. For 30 years Jim demonstrated the spirit of a public servant that we should hope all of our town employees would display. Honesty, integrity and hard work to name a few. Jim was a friend to all! He is not judgmental, disparaging or critical. He listened and tried to solve problems without being disapproving. Jim found the best in everyone and every situation. It is my opinion that James Warden is the perfect recipient for this award!
Lori Bergquist

Nomination: Chief Warden
I nominate Chief Jim Warden for the Colleen Haag Public Service Award. He has been one of Shelburne’s own for close to 30 years, putting his heart and soul into this community and making personal connections to people from all walks of life in his longtime role as police chief and beyond.

He made a difference in my life, as well as many others, as a caring and compassionate public servant. We have the perfect opportunity to express Shelburne’s respect and appreciation for a job well done by presenting this award to Chief Warden.
Linda Riell

Another vote for Warden
I nominate Chief Jim Warden, officer of the Shelburne Police for the last 30 years for the prestigious Public Service Award. Our community has been blessed to have Jim Warden with the strong skill set of organization, leadership, understanding, calm demeanor and integrity working to protect our town.

Chief Warden, a good, honest man, served our community well. The chief spoke truthfully, with authority and to this day is highly respected in Shelburne. We knew where things stood with him, and I appreciated his direct but kind approach. I’d see and observe him in the Shelburne school now and then, and it was obvious he liked children. He didn’t mince his words; he offered clarity regarding what would and would not be tolerated. Chief Warden was/is respected, not because he carried a weapon, but because he offered everyone respect. Our police chief remained calm under stressful situations and spoke in non-confrontational tones. We trusted chief Warden in his ability to handle whatever situation was presented. We knew he had our back and those of our children.

Thirty years of service to our town is commendable, and I would love to see Chief Jim Warden receive the Public Service Award.
Doris Sage

Nomination: Warden,
hands down
Jim Warden should get the Colleen Haag Public Service Award – hands down – he has done more for this town than any other public servant.
Bruce Elmore

Nomination: Warden, dedicated
I would like to nominate Jim Warden for the award.

He’s been a dedicated and extremely competent member of our Shelburne community.
Paul Spitler

Family vote for Warden
Our family would like to nominate retired Police Chief Jim Warden for the Colleen Haag Public Service Award. Chief Warden served our town for 30 great years. He touched so many of our lives in so many ways. He always put his heart and soul into everything he took on. He is an amazing man and very well deserving of this award.
Shelburne Volunteer
Fire Chief Jerry Ouimet,
Lana Ouimet, and family

Before an award is made
There is no doubt that Mr. Warden has had a long and distinguished career in law enforcement. The only reservation I (and many others) have with regard to Jim Warden’s nomination for the Colleen Haag Award is the undisclosed conduct that resulted in his suspension. There are only two people who have personal knowledge of what actually transpired, Joe Colangelo and Jim Warden.

My respectful suggestion is that Mr. Colangelo (on behalf of the town) and Mr. Warden both agree to waive the confidentiality provision of the settlement agreement so that the Shelburne community can be fully informed of the conduct that resulted in Mr. Warden’s suspension before we support one candidate or another for this prestigious award. I suspect that Mr. Colangelo would be willing to do so. What say you Mr. Warden?
Michael Regan

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