Letter writers make Colleen Haag Public Service Award nominations

For service to people and pets
I would like to nominate Jim Warden for the second recipient to receive the Colleen Haag award. Jim has served the town of Shelburne as the police chief for 35 years. He has given his time beyond his paid hours to help community members in many different ways. Teens who were in trouble, he helped them get on their feet again and make meaningful contributions to society. The families that he has helped are too many to mention.

Beyond the human aspect, he has given dog obedience classes for many years and has helped many Shelburne residents enjoy their pets.

He asks for no recognition because he is humble and is just a loyal community member and cares about Shelburne. I think that he would be an excellent recipient of this award. I think that Colleen would be so proud to hear that he was chosen.

Thank you for your consideration


Connie Metz 

Honor a unique public servant
There are many volunteers and staff people that have worked for decades on behalf of Shelburne, but this year, hands down, there is a clear nomination. Further highlighting this is the Feb. 1 edition of the Shelburne News, which contained seven letters from town folks. Six were for nominating Jim Warden for the Colleen Haag Citizen of the year award.

If we polled the electorate it would likely come out in the same proportion. His departure invoked an outcry from so many Shelburne residents. Why? Shelburne loved having Jim Warden as our police chief.

I was privileged to work with him when I was a member of the Selectboard. He brought dedication, and skill, but also, uniquely, a great rapport with the rest of us residents of Shelburne and a feeling that we had his department always there watching out for us. He made the police truly a part of the Shelburne family.

Jim Warden is THE citizen for Shelburne this year. Let’s honor the warm and sincere ways of this unique public servant.

Ken Albert


Honor Warden’s extraordinary service
I’m writing to recommend Chief James Warden to receive the Colleen Haag Award. As a resident of Shelburne for the past 45 years, and veterinary practitioner for 41 of those years, I have personally been the recipient of Chief Warden’s skilled, professional assistance.

Chief Warden has devoted more than 30 years to protecting the residents of Shelburne from all the varied problems associated with our location next to the most populous city in the state and not far from the Canadian border.

Many times this assistance was middle of the night, or in difficult weather or related conditions, and not always directly related to conventional police duties.

Chief Warden’s skill at relating to the people of the town he served was extraordinary.

Besides Colleen Haag herself, I know of no other person who has been so devoted to serving the Town of Shelburne in so many ways as Chief James Warden.

I urge that the recipient of the Colleen Haag Public Service Award be Chief James Warden.

Steven B. Metz, D.V.M.

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