Heins is dedicated, capable — Sean MacFaden

As town meeting approaches, I would like to thank all Shelburne residents, past and present, who volunteer their time, expertise, and community spirit serving on the town’s boards, commissions, and committees. The public meetings at which the town’s future is debated, planned, and implemented often run long into the evening, taking volunteers (and all townspeople in attendance) away from family and other priorities, and they sometimes require the unpleasant task of disagreeing with friends and neighbors on difficult, contentious issues. In addition to regular meeting attendance, the town’s volunteers conduct research, attend municipal conferences, write and review documents, offer comment and testimony, and serve as conduits of information and insight to other residents. Shelburne would not be the place it is without the commitment of its volunteers to effective and equitable town government.

In his roles on the Selectboard and the Planning Commission, Jaime Heins has proven himself one of these dedicated and capable volunteers, and I would like to express my support for his candidacy for a regular term on the Selectboard. In his service to the town, Jaime has demonstrated a thoughtful, consistent approach to the many issues affecting Shelburne’s future. He recognizes competing points of view and seeks to achieve a lasting consensus on both long-term planning tasks and the day-to-day functions of the town. He is a strong advocate for expanded housing opportunities and a vibrant business community but also knows that personal and collective prosperity requires careful stewardship of Shelburne’s natural ecosystems and iconic landscapes. He will work to maintain Shelburne’s historic and scenic character while embracing the challenges and priorities of our time, ensuring that our town remains a dynamic member of both the regional and national communities.

Sean MacFaden

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