Jaime Heins is a problem-solver — James Hayden

In Jaime’s service on the Planning Commission and on the Selectboard, he has shown himself to be hard-working, eager to hear views from all sides, to build consensus and to find solutions.

Jaime’s position regarding the salt sheds is a great example of why I support his candidacy. Shortly after he came onto the Selectboard, it met in executive session to discuss the appeal. When the board came out of the discussion, Jaime voted to continue the appeal. The following week, Jaime posted a carefully reasoned explanation of his vote on Front Porch Forum and the Shelburne News. Finally, at the candidate forum last week, Jamie stated that he was open to considering holding a citizen referendum regarding future steps in the salt shed issue.

Although fundamentally I disagree with the town’s approach of suing a local business as a stand-in for the federal government, I found Jaime’s rationale for his vote to continue the appeal to be clear and well thought out. His willingness to take the time to explain his vote allowed me to respect his position and to more clearly understand the issue, while his willingness to consider a referendum demonstrates his interest in building a consensus solution to important community questions.

As an engineer, I look for problem-solvers who accumulate data from all sources, evaluate it, and make a rational decision as to how to proceed. I believe Jamie will continue as he has begun, by allowing everyone a voice, considering the facts, working to build consensus and taking a well thought-out position. It is my opinion that he will be a strong, positive leader for Shelburne as we continue to deal with 21st-century issues.

Please join me in voting for Jaime on Town Meeting Day.

James Hayden

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