Sailors flip their boat, land a joke after Shelburne Bay mishap

Shelburne Police photo
Shelburne, Charlotte and U.S. Coast Guard responders assisted three boaters whose sailboat capsized last week in Shelburne Bay.

No one was hurt when a sailboat capsized in Shelburne Bay recently, prompting first responders to assist in getting the boaters and their vessel back to shore.

The mishap was minor, with everyone safe, but some ripples on social media followed as the account given to a local TV station hit the airwaves.

The incident happened last Wednesday around 5 p.m. when a 14-foot catamaran carrying three people capsized, according to Shelburne Police.

The individuals were wearing life vests and another nearby boater in a motor boat was on the scene first to assist, Officer Brian Fox said.

Crews from Shelburne Police, Fire and Rescue and Charlotte Rescue were dispatched and a U.S. Coast Guard boat soon followed.

Rescue crews assisted the individuals, getting them out of the water, and the Shelburne Fire Department, using a boat, towed the vessel back to land, said Coast Guard Petty Officer Eric Dahl.

One of the passengers of the capsized boat talks with Channel 3 News after the incident.

When the boaters arrived on shore, they were met by a news crew from WCAX-TV interested in an interview.

One of the boaters admitted that he and his friends did not have much boating experience and the three of them on the small craft may have been too much given the windy conditions.

“I think the biggest issue we had is that we just over-loaded the vessel. What happened is that it flipped over frontwards, it didn’t go sideways,” the man told Channel 3.

Perhaps he was feeling foolish and caught on the spot by the camera.

On screen, the boater was identified as “Felipe Daboot.”

Messages popped up on social media with some keen-eyed viewers noticing the play on words.

There’s no doubt that the young man and his friends “flipped the boat.”

The name left police and Coast Guard officials chuckling.

“We had to laugh pretty hard about that one,” said Officer Fox. He and Shelburne Fire officials said they did not get the names of the boaters in the incident.

Contacted Tuesday, Petty Officer Dahl said he didn’t have a report handy and he didn’t recall the names.

When asked about “Felipe Daboot,” Dahl laughed.

“It does not ring a bell,” he said.

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